Favorite Wonderland Retellings

I’m obsessed with Alice in Wonderland. Obsessed might even be an understatement. I always try to find books that are in some way based off of Wonderland. Today, I thought I’d share a few of my favorites.

Splintered Series by A.G. Howard

I really enjoyed these books. I love how the author created Wonderland. It was such a wonderful recreation of a magical world. There was also enough action in these books to keep them interesting. Plus – those book covers are so beautiful.

The Collector’s Society Series by Heather Lyons

This is a four book series that I really enjoyed. A fun take on Alice and on Wonderland. I really liked that they were trying to save characters from other books – that was a fun aspect.

White Rabbit Chronicles Series by Gena Showalter

These was a bit of a different take on Alice in Wonderland, but a fun series! I liked the zombie aspect (if you don’t like zombie books – skip this series). It was just a fun take on Alice and a completely different view than the normal retellings.

The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor

This might be one of my favorite retellings. It’s Alice in Wonderland meets YA fantasy and it’s so good.

I’ve actually just put most of these series back on my TBR cart just so I can read them again.

What are you favorite “fairytale” retellings? Do you know of any other really good Alice in Wonderland retellings?

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