Hi, I’m Stephanie!

Hi, I’m Stephanie!

Wife. Dog Mom. Book Reader.

I am a married, dog mom of four. Yes, we have four dogs. I would absolutely love to get more. Maybe have a whole dog farm, but my husband is not on the same page with me regarding that. lol! In my free time I enjoy reading…a lot. I also like photography, organizing, nature walks, and adventures with my husband & dogs.

We live in a small town and they are working on revitalizing our “downtown” area. I told my husband one day that I would absolutely love to open a used bookstore and allow dogs in there. I would name it Pages & Paw Prints, and that is where the name of my blog came from. I honestly hope someday I can make that dream come true.

Let’s Talk Books

I am an avid book reader and love sharing my reviews with others so you can decide if you want to read the book, too! Check out all of my reviews here:

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